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Norma Runyon What a fanastic job you`ve done on your website. Its is so informative. You've either done a lot of research or your relatives were very good at keeping their facts straight I wish mine would have. Norma
John Hicks A mine of information - what a great amount of work you`ve put in.
Wightman My Grand parents were Shepard and Wightman. Roy Shepard was a farmers in Dowton Nr Fordingbridge Hampshire. Roy Shepard was related to my grandmother. He left 2 sons one named was named Hugh and I believe he still lives in that area.
Clive Wightman Hi do you have any links with the following Sheppards from Figheldean, Wilts.
Joseph Sheppard b1804 d1856
Nias Sheppard b1831 d 1901
Eleanor Sheppard b1876 d1960
Frances Sheppard Living in Oxford but originally from London. My dad, Leslie, died in May 2000. His father William, married to Constance, lived in North London and was born around 1900. I believe the family had links with the Cotswolds/Nth Wilts. I have no other information than that and wuold love to know more about my Sheppard ancestry.
Twila Dawn Sheppard I was Adopted in 1975 and Im searching for my family my mothers name is Shirley Anne Sheppard and her birthday july 16, 1940 carle Saskatchewan.
Valerie Sheppard ( My name is Valerie I am married to Richard Sheppard I am trying to find out if there is anyone from England who emigrated to the USA or Canada in the 1940-1950 or earlier. The family came from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. If there is anyone out there could they please contact me on the above e-mail address. Thank you very much. Valerie Sheppard
Ken Price Thanks-appreciate the access.
Gaines ( My grandfather was Harlow John Sheppard of Iowa. I am looking for information on his father, Minter Sheppard and could use all the help I can get :-)
Peter Hansford May have finally come across information relating to the Sheppards who came to Melbourne, Australia, thanks to this great site
Bernard Sheppard ( Hi I am Bernard Andrew Sheppard, related to the Sheppards of Figheldean Wilts, via my father Bernard Roy and his father William, I am now residing in British Columbia,Canada. Any info about my forebears would be appriciated.
Richard Maylam ( Jolly interested in the Maylam references (clearly). I would welcome any further references anyone could find. We are currently living within 3 miles of where John Maylam lived, who signed a document in 1408 - he and his son witnessing a land deal. (We don't move very far in 700 years!)
Wendy (nee Sheppard) Hall ( Congratulations on a fine piece of work. How lovely to see so much reference to the Sheppard surname, my surname before I married and of which I am very proud. My Sheppards lived in Enfield Middlesex but only after my paternal Grandparents married, My grandfather was James Sheppard,(I understand he was one of 16 children of which only 4 survived, he and 3 sisters 2 of whom were Mabel and Florence), my Grandmother was Catherine Munns, they had 8 children, 4 boys & 4 girls, my father Charles was their second child, born 11th April 1910 in Enfield. I cannot seem to get any lead on where they, my Grandparents, came from to Enfield. Has anyone any information on this branch of the Sheppards that would give me a lead in the right direction to follow up on them? Any help would most appreciated. I am 64 so most of my elders have long since passed on and as I am now living in Australia it is difficult to try and find out things.
Regards Wendy in Australia.
Ian Sheppard I am fairly new to this and hope someone can shed light on the Sheppards of Yorkshire, England. Hello to all you Sheppards out there.
Beryl Whatson ( John Jeffries and Sarah Harvey are my ancestors. One of their children, John b.29 Dec. 1731 at Chisleden marr. Elizabeth Martin 21 May 1761 and died at Shrivenham 10 January 1806. John Jeffries and Sarah Harvey were my 6x great grandparents. It was my gr-gr-grandparents, Charles Wheeler and Mary Ann Jeffries who brought their family to Australia in 1840. Their daughter Miriam Wheeler was my grandmother's mother.
Phil Wharmby ( Thank you for the Jeffries information, it gets me another generation back. Phil Wharmby
Abigail ( Hello, I'm related to Sheppard/Shepperd/Shepherd (depending on the registrar or census gatherer) in Hampshire. I've currently got people from 1836 to 1894. Please contact me if you have Hampshire Sheppards!
tony sheppard ( Great Site
christopher sheppard ( great site!-

e-mail me if u r related!
Janis Jones Toennisson Hello. Nice web site. My grandfather's grandmother was Rhoda Ellen Sheppard of Tazewell County, Virginia...died 1875. I am just beginning to look for her family.
Linda Smith ( Hi, I'm looking for information on George and Selina Shepherd and their children from Trowbridge. Any information welcome as I have little to go on. I'm particularly interested in finding a marriage for George and Selina around 1860-1863.
Sonya Varga ( What a terrific website!!! I am interested in the Rix family section. It doesn't seem that we have any relations but I know very little about my Rix family. The only name I have is Violet Louise Rix who married Alfred Atfield Newell on June 5, 1905 at St. Paul's, Devonshire Road, London, SE. They immediately left England for the U.S. on the ship Campania arriving June 27, 1905. The settled in Texas. If anyone else out there knows this family, please contact me!
David ( This site is great but I need some help to find a frank and Miriam Sheppard last known address was in Middlesex 1973 if any one out there can help please contact me thanks David.
Derek Sheppard ( There is an entry produced by a Wightman refering to a Roy Sheppard (deceased) living in Downton with a son called Hugh (now deceased). I am the other son called Derek. We decended from Bernard Sheppard of Fighledean. Louis, brother of Bernard, emigrated in 1912 to San Diego.
Cheryl Shephard ( My G Grand Father was Samuel Sheppard
My G Grand mother was Julia ?

My Grand Father was Arthur Shephard died 1940 age 47 Dunkirck
My Grand Mother was Alice Louisa (Beck ?) died in Australia

Their Children were David, Frederick, Sidney, Arthur, Ronald John, Lillian, Violet, Alice, Betty, There were others but not sure of the names

The surname got changed so i`ve been told when Grand father Arthur was a bit drunk on his wedding day and miss spelt the name.

They came from England Birmingham, Alice went to live in Australia in the early 196o`s and so did most of the children.

Ronald John Shephard is my father and i have not seen him for over forty years, he went to live in Australia, i am trying to trace him.

Love the site
Cheryl Shephard
Frank Kenyon (ex RNVR) ( Would be greatly appreciative of any information concerning the Sheppard family, whose address during a period in the 1940's was Hillcrest, Wheatley Road, Garsington, Oxfordshire. In particular the daughter of the family at that time, Miss Sybil Sheppard born in 1928.
William Stephen Sheppard I am a decedant of the Sheppard's, from Mass./USA. grandfather Stephen grandmother Mertle. Had 16 children, many cousins.... Would like to keep track.
Karen (nee Sheppard) Corkhill ( Hi all you sheppards.
My Grandparents Richard (Dick) Sheppard and Florence (nee Hughes) Sheppard lived in Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Wales as did we until we emigrated to Australia. I am trying to trace family tree plus long lost Cousin Brian who was adopted out around 1960. Keeping my fingers crossed.
john sheppard ( hello all you sheppards found your room very interesting.happy searching
i am from worcestershire
Karen Corkhill ( Hi all again,
Now have more info on lost cousin.
Brian was adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Hesma (? spelling) They lived at Nant Farm in Crymych at the time, approx 1960. Gratefull for any help to trace him.
Mark Ian Sheppard ( Looking for Sheppard's in the Wiltshire, England area around 1895-1905 and earlier. Know of my Grandfather (Oliver James) born 17th May 1901. Had brothers/sisters of Edith, Nellie/Nelly, Jack (?), and Ernest. Oliver (Jim) married Elsie May Cozens.

Thanks for anything anyone might have.
Wendy Sheppard ( Hi! I am new to researching my surname (but actually did very well on researching my mothers maiden name). All I know is... a man named George Sheppard left the south of England at the turn of the last century. He settled in the prairies in Canada. He had at least two children, one of them named Roy Sheppard.

Please...any Sheppard links in Western Canada?

Velda Beach ( I stumbled across this amazingly well-documented site by accident today, and - thanks to all your hard work - I have already been able to "ink-in" some "not sure"information about Beach's in the 1800s; and have acquired a whole lot of NEW info. My BEACH Tree goes back as far as 1550 - Thomas Beach (Beche/Beache) in Goudhurst, Kent. I would love to share information with anyone else researching the Beach line. There are branches in Australia and the United States (Baltimore City, Baltimore MD and latterly in Virginia). Thank you for all your help.
Carol Sheppard ( It is so nice to see how many people I share my name with!My grandfather's name was William John Sheppard of London and he married Lily Evans of Pembroke Docks in Wales.They had a son (my father)who I think was their only child.Grandfather died of a burst appendix in the late forties and so grandmother came to live with us in South Africa,from where I've just returned to live in the U.K.My grandfather was a constable in the metropolitan police force and my dad in the R.A.F.My grandmother's father or grandfather was the harbour master at Pembroke Docks.I'm hoping that my grandfather was not the only child and that I do have some relatives who might be able to help me with only this little bit of information.I also believe that my ancestors were shipwreckers on the south west coast of England and that we are related to Jack Sheppard the highwayman.

Is there anyone else out there who might want to admit to this?? I hope so!
louise barson Hi! I have just found this website by accident. It's really great - keep up the good work! Have you got anymore information on Ernest Barson? This was my great grandads name. I know that he had six children: Sylvia,Kathy,Linda-May,Philip Albert,John Henry and Eric, and I've managed to find out most of their childrens names. But I can't do the next step, because I don't know who his brothers and sisters were. I have only just started to research my family tree, so i'm really low on facts! Has anyone got any useful information or good search tips? Any help would be very gratefully received!
Polly Sheppard Hello, another sheppard here. Only a young one though. I'm Polly Sheppard 18 and my generation is from the west midlands. mainly adderbury.
Chris Sheppard ( Chris Sheppard, son of Derek and Joan Sheppard (Gosport, Hants) both passed away and brother of Robert Sheppard (Harpendon, Herts). Now living in Canada since 1979.
James W Thomas ( Interested in SHEPPARD family history. John and Mary mid 1800's in Dongannon and also Antrim County. Had three children; John (Jack), Joe and Mary, also interested in Sheppard's country store and Sheppard's sheddin's
Danny sheppard ( I live in oldham lancs I have a brother Tony, my wife , christine , my son Tyler and my neice Emily. My father moved to Oldham from Stoke on Trent {Hanley} and had 12 brothers and sisters {Tommy freddy Lizzy tilly Elsie}Thats all I can recall. My dad was born in 1936
brian sheppard ( great site family from northolt and ealing any information gratefully accepted
It was submitted by Elaine ( I am related on my nan's side to the Sheppards in Figheldean. Joseph Sheppard he married Elizabeth Carter in 1778.
david sheppard ( Seems like my branch of the clan fell in a fast flowing stream and came aground in sunny Manchester England. There don't seem to be many of us about.Perhaps someone can prove me wrong. It must be the amateur detective in me coz I thoroughly enjoyed delving through your/our site. TTFN.
Ruth ( Very nicely constructed and easy to follow site (a pleasant change from the norm)! My SHEPPARDS (or more correctly my husband's)are in Netheravon and Figheldean from Nias born 1733 and wife Joanna nee BLACKMORE, through four generations to John SHEPPARD, son of Joseph and Jane nee TUFFLEY, who wavered in and out of Netheravon but returned there to die! His daughter Hannah Waller SHEPPARD (mother Sarah nee PAGE) broke the mould and ended up in Wickham, just outside Portsmouth in Hampshire. Any connections welcomed. My website is

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